Oyster farm

Our oyster farm is located on the banks of the Oosterschelde, and Lake Grevelingen. This is where we cultivate the Zeeland creuse and flat oysters. . 

Oosterschelde lobster

The Oosterschelde lobster may only be fished during a few months of the year. Would you like to stun others with the especially refined and delicate taste of this type of lobster?

Ordering mussels

Would you like to order excellent mussels for your wholesale business, for example? From Yerseke in Zeeland, the Netherlands, we supply mussels throughout the Benelux region.

Oyster farm, and supplier of Oosterschelde lobster and more

A pan of fresh mussels, a cooked lobster, or oysters that need nothing more than a dash of fresh lemon; we demand no less than the highest of quality from the products we supply from the Dutch province of Zeeland to wholesalers and others in the Benelux region. If you cannot picture yourself walking along the coast with the sea breeze in your hair, then we, the two family businesses of Piet Verwijs-van der Endt and Verwijs’ Kreeftenparken, haven't done our job right. 

About Piet Verwijs-van der Endt and Verwijs' Kreeftenparken

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Two companies, one management board. For generations, both businesses have been run by the Verwijs family. The companies are situated in Yerseke, right on the banks of the Oosterschelde. Our oyster pits and lobster farms are directly connected to the Oosterschelde. As such, our shellfish and crustaceans are optimally purified. Piet Verwijs-van der Endt bv cultivates and processes oysters and mussels; Verwijs' Kreeftenparken is one of the largest importers of live Canadian lobsters in Northern Europe.